Tuesday, June 21, 2005

La Bretagne Creperie, Downtown (formerly Crepe Bretonne)

I've mentioned this place before, but it deserves it's own post to remind people to go again. La Bretagne is on Jervis St., just off Robson. I had a really lovely white flour crepe tonight filled with duck confit, onion, potato and white wine sauce. You can choose a buckwheat flour crepe too. Beautifully crisp crepe. All sorts of yummy fillings on the menu made it hard to choose. It's just a really nice, simple place, so just a simple posting about it is all that's needed. A great place for a breakfast, lunch, early dinner, or dessert. They closed today (a Tuesday) at 8:30 pm. Yet another downtown place that I wish could be open for late night dessert. It hasn't lost any of its charm in the change of owners from the older couple that had it for years and years to the younger one that runs it now.


tina hostettler said...

hey nancy :-)

i'm looking for a good dim sum restaurant in vancouver... would you have a nice place in mind that you could recommend?

thanks a lot!

my email is %myfirstname%.%lastname%@google.com, but i'll also check right here.

Dumpling_Girl said...

Hi Tina,
I don't go to Dim Sum that often, so I invite any other readers to put in their two cents on Dim Sum in Vancouver. Pink Pearl is probably one of the most accessible places for non-Chinese people, but I wouldn't say it's the best for food (used to be quite THE place for Chinese people, back in the 80's). There is a somewhat less "accessible" place on Hastings St., with a Chinese name, filled with old Chinese people only, with waitresses that probably don't speak English as well as those in Pink Pearl. My parents took me there several months back, but I can't remember exactly where it is. I'll try to find out, but if anyone knows, please post here. Food was excellent there, and prices were reasonable. Sun Sui Wah gets a lot of attention (deservedly so for dinner), but when I went there for Dim Sum a while back, I didn't see what the fuss was about. Kirin is a fancy place downtown, on Alberni St (and Thurlow?), which does Dim Sum. I haven't been though. Oh, and there's that restaurant in the Royal Centre at the Burrard Skytrain Station. I've been for dinner, and it was quite good, so I suspect Dim Sum is just fine. You can call ahead there and make a reservation too.

grimalkin said...

Nancy.. thanks a lot for your fast reply :))

i'll try to find the place in Hasting Street - i still dream about the dim sum i had in a similar place in penang - loads of chinese folks picking dim sum that old chinese ladys trollied thru the restaurant.. it was the best (and cheapest) dim sum i had... *drool*

i just had the greatest kingsalmon filet i've had in a long time - fresh caught in the creek next to our house, a rather small one - lightly marinated with lime zest, classic dill and canadian whiskey, bbq'ed on an old fashioned coal grill. the outback has it's highlights - but i'm looking forward to the Vancouver trip for food variants.

again, thanks a lot for your help, i'll keep you posted on where we end up going and how the dim sum was :)

SaabKen said...

Here's a few dim sum places I've been to in the past 6 months that I would recommend:

Ming Yuen (Cambie St btwn 24 and King Edward, on east side of road)

Floata (on Keefer St btwn Main St and Columbia St)

Park Lock (NE corner of Main St and Pender St)

Last place is on Fraser Street between Kingsway and 19th (?). It's on the same side as where Church's Chicken used to be. Sorry I forget name of restaurant.

For overall ambience I would rate Ming Yuen and Park Lock the best, while the latter two are best value for the money. Having said that, Ming Yuen is high on consistency and quality and their portions are fairly big. Park Lock is especially "old world" in ambience since it's smack dab in the middle of Chinatown, however even with their ancient push carts they provide a bilingual dim sum menu that carefully describes each item (in English) and most staff speak decent English which I find a big plus for bringing dim sum newbies or just anyone not 100% familiar with certain dim sum items.

Bon appetit !

SaabKen said...

Correction to my sentence: "For overall ambience I would rate Ming Yuen and Park Lock the best ...."

I meant Ming Yuen and Floata.