Saturday, October 07, 2006

Nancylanders Unite!

I wrote a while back about a possible meet for next weekend. Sorry for the late notice, due mainly to indecision. If anyone is still interested, I propose Le Piazza Dario Ristorante at the Italian Cultural Centre 6 pm [EDIT: NOW CHANGED TO 5:45 pm - this was the closest time I could get for the reservation], Saturday, Oct 14th. Lots of room, cozy atmosphere, simple food, lots of parking, skytrain accessible, and tiramisu. What more do we need? It's in East Van, on Grandview Highway (at Slocan St.). If interested, please comment here, and email me at, and I will make a reservation for you. We'll split the bill, so it would be a good idea to bring cash. It will likely be a very small group, but this restaurant can handle larger ones too.


Dumpling_Girl said...

It looks like a couple of people are coming so far. So don't be shy, come on by!

Dumpling_Girl said...

I'm looking forward to a great meal and to meeting the Nancylanders who have signed up for Saturday's dinner! There should be a full report sometime after the event too. If you are still interested, please note that the time has been changed to 5:45 pm to start, and you can still contact me through the email above.