Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Food

One new year's day, my friend Bac'n Girl invited me to her family's home for their traditional Japanese New Year's Day lunch. It was an impressive feast, with hand-pounded mochi and all sorts of interesting things to eat. Maybe you have some new year's food traditions. If not, you can always make up something. Here's hoping you eat something noteworthy tomorrow. And here are some traditions from around the world. Cheers!


SaabKen said...

We go out for a late night big congee fest on NYE or maybe NYD lunch, often at Congee Noodle House on Broadway but the venue could vary. Nothing like soothing, low-cal yet flavourful congee after several weeks of Christmas gluttony to start off the new year right !

Happy 2007, Nancylanders !

lillybean said...

Hi Nancy,

Your site is incredible..and making me hungry! You should certainly write food reviews for magazines! Very thourough and descrptive write ups. Well done!


Dumpling_Girl said...

Thanks SaabKen! That sounds like a great tradition. Thank you Lillian for your kind words!

ratul gupta said...

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Happy New Year
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