Saturday, July 28, 2007

Travels in the Land of Giants

Hey, everyone's had mini-marshmallows at some time or another, but most people do not realize their enormous potential. Mini-marshmallows are actually just the tasty seeds used to grow larger marshmallows. For us humans, we like to harvest most marshmallows at their nice handy 1.5" long size (also known as "baby marshmallows"). But venture out into the land of giants around this time of year, and you will see the spectacular harvesting of giant marshmallows from the fields in which they grow. I caught one of the giants' little minions operating the specialized harvesting equipment, collecting the precious confections at their peak. Oh, imagine the s'mores you could make with these babies!

"Now THERE'S a marshmallow!"

A field full of marshmallows ready for harvest time.

The marshmallow farmer carefully moving the freshly picked marshmallow.

Loading up the truck, very gently. Note that some of the vines are still attached.


Barry Foy said...

Greetings, Nancyland,

I deeply resent your misleading the gullible public about the true nature of marshmallows, and especially your sleazy use of obviously doctored photographs to do so. As every foodie knows, the actual facts about marshmallows were revealed a few months ago in The Devil's Food Dictionary (, where they can still be found in the Archive entries for 19 January 2007. I urge you not to abuse your extremely powerful position in this way again.

Your colleague and friend,

Barry Foy, Seattle

jboedesign said...

Dear Nancyland,

Thank you for finally revealing the TRUTH about the favorable climate that British Columbia enjoys for the spectacular growth of marshmallows. To establish the veracity of the photographs you published I have forwarded your link to the Media Lab at M.I.T. They have confirmed that your photos display absolutely no physical or digital retouching of any kind. I applaud your efforts to reveal the light, fluffy secret that the American marshmallow/industrial complex has sought to suppress for so long.

Your biggest, fluffiest fan,

John Boesche, Chicago

too_much_thinking said...

I was just in marshmallow country earlier today. My pic isn't as good as yours though:

Cybele said...

That's disgusting! They're just sitting around ... cows can rub up against them, birds can get the drop on them!

From now on I'm going to cook my marshmallows thoroughly ... on open coals!

Gordon said...

And i always thought that was white pudding. You see the black ones. There black puddings.!!!

Rick Dobbs said...

I thank you for bringing attention to the hardworking marshmallow farmers of the world. Without their early mornings (marshmallow's are best harvested in the morning dew) and their dedication to the product when other, bigger cash crops (such as string cheese sticks) present themselves.

Let the subsidies continue!

Princessa said...

Well this just makes me happy, and hungry!

-M said...

Dear Nancyland,
A few years back one of our local news channels did a piece on mini and regular marshmallow bushes but they neglect to mention the ones grown in the land of the giants. Next April 1st I'll need to share this with them. Thanks for enlightening us.

Dumpling_Girl said...

Wow, thanks all for your comments. I've said it before, but the more comments I receive, the more convinced I am that Nancylanders are a very *special* group of people... Too cool. Checked out Barry's site, and indeed, found out some very enlightening information about food items :) Too Much Thinking, very nice photo, thanks for sharing. And one final note - I will be on the lookout for those mischievous marshemallow-rubbing cows. Can you blame them, really?

SaabKen said...

I'm waiting for Nancy's report on Rice Crispies farmers ........