Friday, October 19, 2007

Iron Chef Junkie

I just got sucked into signing up for cable because of a promotion, and I've become an Iron Chef America junkie...only because that seems to be the only thing that the food network airs...but I'm loving it. I want to dine with Alton Brown - he is my food geek hero (or drizzle his body with the truffled olive oil I bought in or the other). I want to sit front row in kitchen stadium. I want to be a judge. I have the urges, simultaenously, to both slap Bobby Flay for barking at his assistants and to savour the food he's arrogantly preparing. And most of all, I want to see the challengers beat the iron chefs. I clearly need a twelve-step program...

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SaabKen said...

Haha I too got sucked back into TV land in September (via Telus's new Telus TV) after 3 years of intentional TV abstinence. But I'm back and happy to be a non-Shaw customer.

ICA is one of my staples. Flay is an arrogant jerk IMHO. Batali, Cora and Morimoto are true sports. But I do find the final scores sometimes out of sync with the judges reviews.

BTW, Alton Brown's own show "Good Eats" is entertaining. Likened to "Bill Nye the Science Guy" of cooking shows.

Love "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares". Can't believe some of the incompetencies that lurk in those restaurants.