Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kitchen Nightmares

I was watching Kitchen Nightmares last night and I had the realization that the appeal of the show is exactly the same as the appeal of the classic show, The Littlest Hobo. Chef Ramsay is the grumpy, foul-mouthed chef version of that beloved German shepherd hero of Canadian television. Think about it. Ramsay wanders from town to town, he stops in and finds a restaurant in trouble, hangs around, barks a lot, solves their problems, and then happily trots off to the next restaurant in need once his work is done. In the episode I saw last night with Ramsay helping a restaurant in a small town called Paloma, they even did the classic shot of the hero wandering off into the distance at the end of the show (after everyone's teary-eyed thanks), and I got the exact same gooey, happy feeling at the end of the show that I used to get watching the ridiculously hokey, yet effective Littlest Hobo.


themarina said...

That is a brilliant observation. WOW.

SaabKen said...

Interesting ........

I hope lil' London never barked: "F**k Me !"


Did you watch the finale of The Next Iron Chef last night ? I was glued to the TV the entire hour (and was happy my vote was won). Knock 'em dead, Mike !!

michael said...

hi nancy,

was reading some vancouver blogs and found yours. I write about food and cooking and chefs and am in town flogging my new book, elements of cooking.

i was hoping to reach out to local bloggers to tell them i'll be at barbara jo's tonight for a signing ( i love to meet and talk with bloggers. if you know any of your colleagues who would be interested in talking about food and blogging, i'd love it if you'd let them know.


Dumpling_Girl said...

Aw, sorry to have missed that, Michael. Would have loved to have had a chance to chat. I've read two of your books (The Making of a Chef, and The Soul of a Chef) and really enjoyed them. Hope you had a great visit to Vancouver