Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Prepare to Descend on the Richmond Summer Night Market on Sunday, July 6th, at 7 pm

This Sunday will be my first trip to the Summer Night Market in Richmond this year, and I'm inviting fellow foodies out to meet me. Meet me 7 pm in front of the food stalls. I am unsure of the exact layout of the site, but I am guessing that there will be one main entrance to the market, so proceed through that and continue until you find the cluster of food stalls (hopefully this will be obvious and in one location). I will hover there precisely at 7 pm, wearing a small official nancyland button, and will have buttons to give out. Look for a small group of drooling foodies looking like they are waiting for other foodies. We will gather there, and then pounce upon the food stalls so if you make it there later, look for us amongst the goodies. If you plan on coming to the market to look for us, leave me a comment at this post or an email and we'll look out for you. Bring cash in the form of loonies and toonies, an empty belly, and friends.


Michael T said...

Bummer, we went for the first time last night! Hope you had fun tonight.

Dumpling_Girl said...

Oh too bad! Yup, we had a great time. We ate almost everything there, I think.

SaabKen said...

Went there this past Sat. night, was pleasantly less-busy as it was also fireworks night :-)

The selection and amount of goods for sale seem less than previous years. The food stalls seem more or less the same. I'm not big on the simultaneous walking-eating practice (esp. with skewers in hand) so I find it tougher to wade through the crowds, get all the foods I want, then go find a quiet spot or table to eat at.

Overall it was ok. Not dying to go back though.

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Dumpling_Girl said...

Hey Saabken,
It's too bad you couldn't come out when we went - there would be the additional fun of meeting. I can understand if it's not your thing. Part of the fun for me this time was introducing it to someone who hadn't been there before, and who wasn't Asian (so wasn't as familiar with the street food). It sounds almost as if you gather a bunch of food, and then retreat to a quiet spot. We just eat along the way. If you are towing your mini-saabken along, I could see it not being as fun, because it is a bit crowded to comfortably bring kids along.

SaabKen said...

Hi Nancy,

Yeah it would be more fun with other foodies (and sans junior, at least for this type of venue) at the Night Market. Don't get me wrong, I had a pretty good time, actually I was there with my mom (who loves to shop bargains) so I guess you can call it more of a son-mother bonding evening.

One good thing is they now charge $4/car as opposed to per person in past years :-D