Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Vehicle of My Dreams

I was watching Daily Planet tonight, and they did a show on Burning Man 2008.  There were all sorts of amazing pieces shown on the show, but there's one I really crave:  a personal muffin car.  There's a group that built about a dozen muffin and cupcake cars, and have been going to Burning Man for years with them.   They even let Jay Ingram drive the blueberry muffin for the show segment.   I could just imagine riding around town in one of these, complete with little topping hat.  I hope the creators don't mind me posting this photo of their amazing vehicles.  I want to go to Burning Man one day.   Baby steps, I guess - I had a blast at the first Pemberton Festival in June this year, and now have a taste for traveling to festivals.  

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