Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Foodies at the Movies: Julie and Julia

Julia Child, foodie blogging, cooking, women finding themselves, and relationships...this movie had everything I needed to get me excited before I even stepped into the theatre. And I have to say, it didn't disappoint. Meryl Streep does a charming, amusing, believable AND respectful portrayal of Julia Child. For a huge Julia Child fan who grew up watching and loving her cooking show, an irreverent impression could have easily killed this movie for me. Not to worry though, she had it covered and managed to beautifully convey that love of food familiar to many of us and is so fun to watch in people. I also wound up caring for and rooting for Julie, the writer who vowed to cook every dish from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook in a year and blog the entire experience. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and recommend it for foodies and non-foodies alike. Ginger Beer Man saw it with me and enjoyed it as well, so I don't think you have to be a food blogger to get it, but it certainly doesn't hurt. This inspires me to make a top ten movies for foodies list. Coming soon...


John L. Herd said...

The movie was very charming and made me continually hungrier throughout the movie!

Is there a French restaurant in Vancouver that serves decent quantities of delicious French food?

SaabKen said...

Movie was very good, I must say this is Oscar material for Meryl Streep. I felt like going home to make a boeuf bourguignon asap.

John, there are no shortage of French or French-inspired restaurants nowadays in Vancouver. Just a few "top 10" that I can think of in the "affordable" (up to $30/person) category:

1) Pied-a-Terre
2) Salade de Fruits Cafe
3) Les Faux Bourgeois Bistro
4) Provence Mediterranean Grill
5) Bistrot Bistro
6) Cafe de Paris
7) Cassis
8) La Brasserie
9) La Regalade
10) Twisted Fork Bistro

Only #10 I've not been to .... so many places so little time.

Dumpling_Girl said...

Thanks, John and SaabKen! Ken put together a great list. I have been to some of those, and I will recommend (for affordable French food):

Bistrot Bistro (in Gastown) - casual and a great deal!
:rovence Mediterranean Grill (Yaletown)

I've been to Salade de Fruits Cafe, Cafe de Paris and Cassis, and they were all okay, but nothing I honestly got terribly excited about.

I haven't had a chance to go to La Regalade, but would bet money that I would enjoy it, as I've attended a Cookshop cooking demonstration from the Chef (Alain Raye, who, btw, has a charming cookbook, La Regalade).

Look out for a new place downtown, Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe. Anthony Sedlak, from the food network show, The Main, is the executive chef and one of the owners. Judging from his enthusiasm during his presentation at the Eat Vancouver Food Show, this place sounds like it will serve satisfying French bistro food without any attitude. They are still putting the place together, but I'll update when I find out when they are opening.

For the big splurge, I highly recommend Le Crocodile. I have also been to Le Gavroche on Alberni St. which is a charming, little hidden heritage home that is said to be very romantic. This isn't the type of place that you are asking about, but it still serves good food.

SaabKen said...

Hmm, you were at a Cookshop demo when Alain Raye was there ?? Was that around 2005 shortly after his book came out ? Cuz I was there (Cookshop at City Square Mall) that night and even brought my copy so he can autograph it :-)

SaabKen said...

In hindsight I would agree Cassis and Salade des Fruits were just ok foodwise. I do however quite enjoy Salade des Fruits very neighbourhoody, intimate yet totally casual atmosphere. I think Cassis enjoyed a couple years of media hype then just sort of fizzled out .....

I highly recommend Les Faux Bourgeois. Dynamic, energy-filled but not the sort of "to see-and-be-seen" crowd and authentically unpretentious. The irony here is the previous establishment was a "pho" joint, and not faux pho neither [laughing at my own humour ...]

Pied-a-Terre .......easy to run out of superlatives to describe them.

Dumpling_Girl said...

Ken, I forgot to say: Yes, I was at that cookshop demo class! I remember the coq au vin he made, and I think he cooked some endive dish. I was with my boyfriend at the time. So we were the mixed young couple near the front. Small world!

Also, for anyone who's interested in the Corner Suite Bistro, Anthony Sedlak said (a while back) that they were aiming to open in early October. Should be coming together soon.

Atul said...

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