Monday, February 25, 2013

Nancy's Quick Pick #7 La Taqueria

I have been to Mexico a couple of times and loved the food, especially the street stalls and super casual open air joints that sell tasty little tacos.  To me, La Taqueria on Cambie St. at Broadway (with a second location at W. Hastings St. that I have not been to yet) sells real tacos and they are delicious.  I love the small corn tortillas, and have tasted most of their toppings, and they have all been tasty.   If you could only pick a couple, I would say the Al Pastor (pork marinated in achiote chili and pineapple) and De Lengua (braised beef tongue) are good bets if you enjoy meat.  However, you can get four meat tacos for $9.50, and it was "Taco Wednesday" when I went, so when I quoted the Georgia Straight newspaper ad, they gave me 6 for the price of 4.  I also had pollo con mole, pescado (fish), carnitas (pork confit with pickled onions), and braised beef cheeks.  There are lots of vegetarian options too and four vegetarian tacos are only $7.  They have Mexican sodas, beers and horchata too, so I like to get a tamarind soda there because I can.  They have some tasty salsas and pickles that you can help yourself to, so don't forget to pick up some of that.  It's counter service, but they'll bring your order to you when it's ready, and it's usually busy.   Note that they are closed Sundays but are open for lunch through dinner time (until 8:30 pm) the other days of the week.  And Taco Wednesday is coming up!