Thursday, August 01, 2019

My Secret Taco Place - Molli Café on Burrard, at Davie

Four tacos is a good-sized meal for me

I stop at this unassuming coffee shop after work sometimes, and I love the wonderful tacos, tortas, and horchata.  I've even had a Mexican concha bun, though I haven't seen it every time.  I've also had the lamb soup that is only sold on Saturdays and it was very nice, but there are other soups throughout the week too.  Don't forget the nice sauces in the squeeze bottles, including spicy ones for your tacos and tortas.  But the owner hasn't let me forget as she has grabbed those and brought them over with the food.  I had the beef tongue torta, and it was delicious with nice crusty bread and a generous amount of avocado too.  My favourite taco is the pork one, and my personal least favourite is the chorizo one, but I'll eat all of them happily, and could easily eat all five types in one sitting.  They are done just how I like them with double corn tortilla and lots of cilantro and onion (depending on the taco), lime on the side, and tasty fillings.

Concha and horchata

Beef tongue torta

Taco close-up


This Saturday lamb soup was take-out, shown in my own bowl

The offerings are an odd mix of Mexican and Persian because this place was first started up by a couple of originally from Mexico, and then sold to the Persian owner.  The original owners had, according to articles, actually had both worked at some of the world's best restaurants, both in Spain:  the famous El Bulli (now closed) and El Cellar de Can Roca, the latter being my absolute favourite restaurant in the world.  Unfortunately, I have never met those owners, but their dishes live on with the new owner, who exudes this wonderful warm hospitality.  It's as if you were visiting her home and she's happy to host you.  I think she cooks everything herself but they are open every day from 8am - 9pm.  I love that they are open in the evening though, but I wonder if she's always there, and can keep these hours up.  It's just off the busy Davie St. so it's not as noticeable as other places, including another taco place...I really hope that Molli Café gets enough business.

Of the non-Mexican items, I have only tried the Baklava.  These tacos might be my pick for the best in the whole city (squaring off with La Taqueria on Cambie St.), and it tickles me that it's in a place where you might pass by day after day (like I did, sadly) without even realizing that they serve Mexican food.  I wish I had found it sooner and experienced the place as it was first opened up, but I am glad to have found it now.  The vibe is super relaxing in there, with a couple of little tables on the street even, in the warm weather.  It's absolutely a great place to just have coffee and a pastry too, and relax alone, or chat with a friend.

Basically, it's a foodie dream - high quality, delicious, authentic food in a comfortable hideaway with amazing service.  The unexpectedness really makes it feel like a buried treasure foodie find.  It's so satisfying in many ways.  Tacos are not just for Tuesdays.