Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Healthy Hors d'oeuvre


The holidays meant parties, and here's my rendition of an idea from the Food TV show, Party Dish. I think they served the tomato, basil, baby bocconcini sticks on a plate on the show. I decided to use a nice tomato for a pin cushion. I sliced a bit off the bottom to make it sit firmly, and tried to balance the whole thing so that it didn't wind up being some sort of edible Jenga. The red and green colours are perfect for a Christmas party. It's served with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip (using a little dijon and honey to maintain emulsification). I love grape tomatoes, and basil is one of few herbs I've been able to grow successfully in my little indoor plant pot lately. I loved the texture of the fresh mozzarella. Incidentally, I discovered it's important to use your fresh bocconcini right away. They tasted great when I brought them home from the store (and when I served the dish), and I was surprised at how much flavour the remaining ones lost after a few days in my fridge even though they were stored in liquid in the airtight container. Also, is it me, or has anyone else noticed that baby bocconcini have little nipples, and a very breast-like firmness? I can't be the only one, considering I'm one of the less breast-obsessed people that I've met... I also served some meat sticks at the party - pork satays with a spicy peanut sauce.

Anyhow, I think I could really run with this food on a stick thing. Long before I ever saw this party dish idea, I thought it would be great to do a deconstructed pesto bite with a basil leaf wrapped around a pine nut embedded chunk of reggiano...that would be great on a stick! The possibilities are endless. Inspiration also comes from a great little downtown Japanese restaurant I tried recently, specializing in stuff on a stick. Let's have another round of "Name That Vancouver Restaurant!" Will anyone break the 87 minute record?


Your cuz said...

I can't think of the place, but somehow food on a stick seems to suit Japanese cuisine.
Ironically, I was in Japan once visiting friends and noticed bbq octopus on a stick and other items. We tried a chewy, rice-flour cake on a stick, with a sweet glaze as I recall. The whole time we were walking along enjoying them, my friends were giggling nervously. When I asked what the deal was, they said, "Japanese people don't usually eat and walk at the same time!"
Weird. I still think so all these years later.

Dumpling_Girl said...

Oh, yah, I've heard that before about Japanese culture. I think maybe I was warned about that particularly faux pas before going to Japan after high school. I loved the mochi (pounded rice cake)on a stick that I had at the Vancouver restaurant that has yet to be named. Too bad they don't eat and walk, because food on a stick is perfect for that. Standing and eating is okay, I guess. Okay, I'm still hoping someone will guess the restaurant. It's on Denman St.