Saturday, February 25, 2006

Never Go To Blog Angry

I had horribly rude service tonight from a particular female server at a particular restaurant, and my first impulse is to lash out immediately with an angry post, but just like in most situations, I think it's wiser to make peace with it all first. Mainly because I can't imagine that the owners of the restaurant would have sanctioned the behaviour of this waitress, and it would be a shame to sully their entire business because of this one person's screw-up. But I'll find out whether that's the case or not. Ultimately though, even if it is just one person's screw-up, for me, it might be worthwhile to avoid this restaurant just to avoid the risk of getting served by this person again. What a shame that would be, because it's a restaurant I really want to love. Curious? A full report will come in time, when my blogging isn't impaired. Remember kiddies, don't blog angry!


CoffeeGeek Bloggin' said...

Good advice. Which is why I waited such a long time before I posted this:

But don't be so sure that the owners are not aware of a server's rude behaviour. I used to be more surprised by that, but I've come to note that if rude service is happening at a restaurant, and it continues to happen, the owners usually are in the loop, if not sometimes the problem itself.


Dumpling_Girl said...

Thanks for your comment, Mark.