Thursday, February 16, 2006

What We Ate at the Nancyland Birthday Dinner at Yuji's

I've raved about Yuji's (W.4th Ave. at Maple St.) enough, and they haven't disappointed me yet, so here are simply the photos and captions of a very nice meal in celebration of the first year of Nancyland, Vancouver Foodie Fun. My favourites from this meal were that day's Taka-san roll, every one of the desserts, and the seared sable fish, a small dish, but very tasty. The deep fried spicy tuna roll and wasabi chicken tempura are very good too. I've enjoyed them in a previous visit. The only downside of the meal was that our vegetarian had ordered two dishes, but didn't get to eat until well after everyone else because we hadn't made special mention to our server about him being vegetarian (who doesn't eat seafood), and our dishes came out essentially in the order that, well, we ordered them, and he happened to be last as we went around the table. This normally would not be a problem if everyone is intending to share. The only dish that I didn't get a photo of is the vegetable tempura, and with all of these dishes, four people filled up for about $106 including tax (before tip). Isn't that amazing? The current menu has even more items than the old menu posted online at Adam's Dining Guide, and has wine and sake pairing suggestions too now. I have yet to see a website from the restaurant, but they appear to be doing well. There's always a nice big list of specials. And I still haven't had their yam fries with three dips off their regular menu! There's always next time!

Maguro Avocado Crepe: Chopped fresh albacore tuna and avocado with wasabi mayo wrapped in crepe and covered with a sweet and spicy sauce.

Tuna Tataki: Lightly seared fresh albacore tuna served with ponzu citrus sauce.

Age Spicy Tuna Roll: Deep fried spicy tuna roll (spicy sauce on plate)

Some deep fried dumplings from the specials sheet, that I cannot remember. They're resting on a tempura onion ring.

Sable Fish, served with miso sauce

Taka-san's Daily Roll: Tempura chicken breast on top of California roll, with green flying fish roe and a Japanese sauce on top made with seaweed that tastes a bit like black bean sauce


Wasabi Tempura Chicken

Creamy Ebi Asparagus Spring Roll: Prawn, asparagus and creamy sauce wrapped in a spring roll paper and deep fried

Fresh Scallops on the Half-Shell, broiled with a mayonnaise sauce (motoyaki)

Roll Platter: California, BC, Spicy Tuna. We needed something filling near the end.

Green Tea Creme Brulee. This was stellar. Which is funny, because I never really expect dessert at a Japanese restaurant, nevermind one this good.

Coffee Jelly with Ice Cream. It's a solid version of coffee with cream and sugar. Sugar syrup is served on the side.

Black Sesame Ice Cream


too_much_thinking said...

Why do I find the pictures in this particular post particularly tantalizing? And why do I often find myself looking at these pictures at 1am, when I am just wanting something to nibble on? Oh I so want that black sesame ice cream. Oh how I wished that I was able to make that b-day event!

Dumpling_Girl said...

Hee hee! I'm still craving a hamburger from some show I flipped past on the food network a couple of weeks ago. Yah, mmmmm, that black sesame ice cream was mine, and it was fantastic. They get their ice creams from some Japanese company. They also have lychee, which was good, and it has inspired me to try making my own. I'll experiment with canned product, and if I get something good, I'll use fresh when they're in season.

Tai said...

GREAT post Nancy!

I had to go there to see for myself, (I went last night) and you weren't kidding!

What a great little restaurant.

(I was inspired to post about it over on my blog, too!)

Spider Girl said...

I followed the link from Tai's blog because she has impeccable taste in food. :)

Mmmmmmm...nice post. The coffee dessert is also intriguing.

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

I, too, followed the link from Tai's, and I'm hoping hoping hoping to visit Yuji's SOON! That food looks divine!

ranger said...

Dang, I really want that blue ice cream. Dang, I really want to be able to come to Vancouver to eat a fabby birthday dinner with you. Dang, I miss you and the west coast! p.s. Chris D. says hi and I just found out that Nat lives here in h-town.

Dumpling_Girl said...

Thanks, Tai, for the plug! And welcome, Spider Girl and Timber! Ranger, I miss you too! I'm making a trek down to Seattle next month to hang out (and eat)! Was just thinking that I wished you were still there so I could visit you on the trip!