Sunday, May 21, 2006

Board Game Cafe (Coal Harbour)

Just a quick note that there's a new place opening next week in Coal Harbour (across from Cardero's) where you can play board games, and have drinks. The new board game cafe will charge $4/hour, and offers a membership, that gives 15% off regular rates. They didn't have a pamphlet to offer me when I poked in, so I don't know how much the membership is, but they did mention to me that the drinks will be less expensive than they are in the surrounding coffee shops. The place looks nice and modern. Apparently this concept has been around in Korea for a while, as I've read on one website that there are about 250 of them there. Looks like there's already one in Burnaby called Borandsi, that charges $3.50/hour. I'm looking forward to the one in Coal Harbour. It should be fun, especially since many of the coffee shops in the area close very early in the night.

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