Sunday, May 14, 2006

Port Moody Foodie

Peckish in Port Moody? Or maybe you're absolutely ravenous in Port Moody, a state I've been finding myself in lately. I've been spending a lot more time way out in "the boonies," visiting the regional parks, and here are a couple of great little finds that a Port Moody fellow foodie let me in on. If you are looking for something filling, Rehanah's Roti (2518 St. John's Street, a few blocks away from the turn to get onto the Barnet Highway, if travelling back to Vancouver, 604-936-1969) should do the trick. This little counter-service shop (cash only) has Trinidadian and Carribean food. Their goat roti (just under $10) is a wonderful bundle of goat and potato curry tucked into a soft flatbread blanket. For the summer, it's a nice take out option for sitting outside by the water in the park. Or you can have it there, in the simple shop. Rehanah, the friendly owner, has a few tables inside, and serves it on a real plate, with a slice of melon with the roti. She seems to be running it all on her own, so if it's busy, you may have to wait a few minutes for your roti, but it's worth it. There are veggie, chicken, shrimp and beef rotis, jamaican patties, and sauces too. You can specify the spiciness you want, and I'm sure she'll accomodate you masochistic types who like things especially fiery.

Maybe on another day, you might be looking for a nice quiet and relaxing place to chat over dessert and coffee. Cumpari's Gelato and Caffe (535 North Road, across from Lougheed Mall, 604-936-8089) has lots of tables, plenty of flavours of gelato to choose from, and all sorts of fancy cakes and pastries, making for very pretty display cases. There are very friendly staff at the counter too. The Crispy Crunch chocolate cake I had was too sweet for me, but I definitely enjoyed the elegant, airy atmosphere of the place, and I'm willing to give it another shot and poke my way through some of their other desserts, like the little mini cheesecakes. Or maybe I'll have gelato next time. The pink grapefruit gelato I sampled was very nice and fully grapefruity, and my coffee was good too. They have ample parking in their own parking lot. It's like a little dessert oasis - something I wasn't expecting in that area. The building apparently lived a former life as a IHOP [edit: Burger King], but it's makeover has made it look quite chic. It's huge, has two levels, and has an outdoor patio too.

Just a warning though, don't follow my example of doing a roti stop and folllowing it immediately with a stop at Cumpari's. My tummy was cursing me for that foolhardy move. I'm sorry, Tummy. I won't do it again...


chiigua said...

Hey I live around that area.
Cumpari's used to be a Burger King, the Korean restaurant down the hill used to be IHOP. (IHOP is now at Lougheed Mall which used to be Pizza Hut.)

I do not like Cumpari's as their cheesecake isn't good (I had a curdled one once) and well they bumped up the prices ($4->$5). It's an alright place to just relax but it is very bright. I'd prefer to just go to White Spot or some other restaurant to relax and have some dessert for around the same price.

Dumpling_Girl said...

Thanks, Dreni, for the correction. Ah, sorry to hear that the cheesecake isn't good either. Was going to try that next. Thanks for the heads up.

Mary said...

Don't ever go there. The boss is REALLY mean. One time we were there (4 people) for about 1 hour. We had ice-cream, juice and sandwich. After our dishes were cleared and left with just the juice bottle, the boss came over and "demanded" that we order more food and that we were taking up space. But at that time, half of the downstairs tables were empty and upstairs was not even open to customers!

So basically, you are not welcome to stay long there!

berepore said...

Thats too bad that you didn't have a good experience, I have found the service there to be great! My husband and I go there often with our two year old son and they always bring him out a little cookie, and we stay there for a good hour, never had a problem with it. We have also tried many of the desserts and gelato flavors on our visits and they are well worth the price, absolutely delicious! The ferrerro rocher is one of my all time favorites, or a two scoop of the white chocolate gelato and raspberry gelato...mmmm. Not only that but it is all made there and fresh.