Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'd Like to Send a Nancyland Shout Out To...

...whoever made my spicy jerk chicken burger today at The Galley Patio and Grill, the casual restaurant on top of the Jericho Sailing Centre, at Jericho Beach. It had a delicious mango salsa and a spicy sauce on top of a really tender, juicy piece of chicken breast (about $9). I even liked the big, soft whole wheat kaiser it was served on, and the fries that came alongside. Another great summer patio, with a view of the ocean. It's very casual - just a counter service place (and they're constantly calling out people's numbers for them to pick up their food), and the food is served on paper-lined plastic baskets, but that's great, because you can feel comfy clomping up from the beach below wearing whatever you have on. Martini Man and his friend both wore their soggy wetsuits, and I was wearing a swimsuit and shorts, from sailing. It's a perfect example of how a restaurant experience can be so satisfying when you come in with low expectations and have them totally exceeded. I was just so impressed that the chicken wasn't overcooked, that I thought I would tell y'all. Plus, I was vaguely under the impression that the restaurant is only available to the users of the sailing centre, but it's actually open to the public. They have a buffalo burger, a giant nacho plate (18 inches across), and fish tacos too.

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