Sunday, August 06, 2006

What's Summer Without At Least One Trip to La Casa

Dragonfruit Gelato

I hadn't been to La Casa Gelato (1033 Venables, at Glen Drive) for a while. I actually prefer the depth of flavour in gelatos at Mondo, like their wonderful pistachio. But La Casa is good fun, with all the people buzzing around the store and spilling out into the sidewalks and all the flavours to peruse (508 total now?! Wow. 218 on site at a time). I tasted one of their newer flavours - spicy mango, and it was amazing. First the mango flavour, nice and strong hit me, then the heat filled my entire mouth and stayed with me for a long time. An amazing flavour. As successful and interesting a flavour that was to me, I couldn't decide whether I felt like that amount of heat for an entire cone or not, and opted for another flavour. I guess I just wasn't looking for that when I felt like ice cream. So I went for the very photogenic dragonfruit gelato. Dragonfruit itself is a much more visually attractive fruit than it is appealing in flavour. It's flesh is actually white [edited to add: or bright pink in some varieties, see photos in the link], with black seeds, tastes something like kiwis, and has a beautiful spiky bright pink skin which is so pretty next to the black dotted white flesh. And they are one of the most expensive fruits around. The gelato was quite pleasant, and the seeds provided a nice little crunch. Maybe next time I'll get an entire cone of spicy mango.

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