Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nancylander Meet and Greet - Ratatouille

"I can't help myself...I like good food, okay?"
- Remy, the Rat in Ratatouille

Is anyone else excited about this movie? What could be better than a Pixar animated story about a rat who has a dream to be a chef at the best restaurant in Paris, but must figure out a way to overcome the considerable challenge of being a rat in a restaurant kitchen. I want to see this movie on the first night that it is in the theatres, and I figure it might be a fun way to meet some Nancylanders. I will be trying to go to "7 something" show at Tinseltown Cinemark on Friday, June 29th. My search on the internet indicates there should be a 7:10 pm show that night. I'll try to get into the theatre by 6:55. If you would like to say hi, meet inside, seated in the theatre. I will wear or carry my blue plaid fedora hat to make myself easily recognized. Afterwards, if there is interest, we can walk to Salt for a glass of wine and nibbles. I'll try my best to post any changes to this plan on here. If you don't wind up finding me, at least you'll still see what should be a great movie. If you want me to look out for you, just type a comment here. I will try and linger near the front of the theatre right after the movie.


too_much_thinking said...

I was busy Friday night - but I managed to catch the movie Monday night. For some reason, Ratatouille kinda reminded me of all those food/cooking related anime. Anyhoo, I liked it very much - sure had some exciting cooking scenes, lol!

Dumpling_Girl said...

Hi too_much_thinking,
I loved the movie! But I've never seen any food/cooking related anime, hmmm. Thanks for commenting. I'll try not to spoil the movie too much for anyone who hasn't seen it (shield your eyes now)...but I love that moment when the critic bites into the ratatouille! The audience actually clapped at the end of the movie and at a particularly funny scene when I saw it.