Monday, June 04, 2007


Have you had a good rant lately? Here's your chance. Has some particular dish, restaurant, or vaguely food-related item disappointed you lately? Did something make you feel ripped off? Are you tired of hearing about something? Do you find yourself wondering what all the fuss is about after trying some food item that the rest of the world seems to rave about? Let's start an overrated list. I'll go first:

  • Godiva Chocolates ("Did I just pay almost $3 for a mediocre tasting, clumsy chocolate?" Yes, I do mean one chocolate.)
  • The quality of movie theatre popcorn in town (It seems like forever since I've had really good popcorn. I mean, even the stuff we used to make in the grimy little cart at the UBC Film Club was better, and we didn't ask anyone to sell their only child for a bucket of the stuff either)
  • West (No hate mail please. It's just not my cup of tea...)
  • Griffins brunch buffet and dessert buffet at the Vancouver Hotel
  • Rachael Ray
  • Turkey legs at Disney World It's certainly amusing to see everyone walking around gnawing on massive turkey legs, but really it's a bit sickening too.
  • and the master of the overrated: Starbucks. (and before any Starbucks fans write to tell me what I'm missing, do me a favour and go order an espresso drink from the Elysian Room on 5th Ave, off Burrard, then get back to me). And for goodness sakes, stop supporting the evil empire already. As much as world domination plots fascinate me, do you really want to see a Starbucks plopped next to, say, the ancient pyramids of Egypt?


SaabKen said...

Hahaha, I can't stand Rachael Ray. She just comes across as a rough & tumble cheerleader whose on-screen perkiness somehow appeals to some undiscerning Food Network audience.

Griffins wasn't so bad when their buffets were in the $15 range. As soon as the price went past that, any sense of quality and value just went out the window. But I must say I do like their turn-of-the-century grand hotel dining ambience.

Kenny said...

Unfortunately Starbucks fans are too far gone and don't actually know what coffee should taste like.

CoffeeKid said...

West is definitely not overrated....

well, if you know the chef, at least!

Ms.Smarties said...

We call it Starsucks in San Francisco, hehe.