Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cinnamon Buns

I love a good cinnamon bun. It's one of my favourite baked goods. I think I've liked them since I was a kid, but really got addicted to them while I was a student at UBC. Sadly, as far as I can tell, the food services there these days doesn't have the same amazing, warm, pillowy, mass of sticky bread-y goodness that I remember from my student days. Or perhaps they are just more difficult to find now. I can go two ways with the buns. I like them as puffy and light as possible (like the old UBC recipe, or I like pastry dough versions that are nice and flaky and light. That leaves out the more common denser version. The photo above is from a nice weekday morning at Uprising Breads (1697 Venables just west of Commercial St., 604-254-5635. I love cinnamon buns both with and without icing. This nice fluffy one had lots of icing and raisins, and was huge. I had a great cup of coffee there, sitting at one of the tables, watching a steady stream of cheery people stopping in for their morning coffee to go and baked goods. The place had a great energy, and lots of goodies to choose from.

I've also had a decent cinnamon bun from Mom 'N Pop's Bake Shoppe in Kerrisdale (2068 W. 41st Avenue at East Boulevard, 604-261-2338).

So, I'm always in search of a good cinnamon bun. Let me know if you've found a source.


little flower fingers said...

Thanks for the cinnamon bun research. I was craving one this morning and couldn't find anything in the UBC vicinity. I will check out Uprising and the Kerrisdale location (close to UBC I think). Happy eating!

Kristina said...

Bubby Rose's Bakery in Victoria, BC. It's in the Cook St. Village. Go there around 8:30 right when they are coming out of the oven. They're the best!!
(I'm the girl from the Coffeegeek lab the other day)

Dumpling-girl said...

Thanks, little flower fingers for your comment!

Thanks, Kristina! Great cinnamon bun tip!

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