Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Best Nachos in Town?

This is a poll. Who serves the best nachos in town (we're talking restaurants here, because I'm sure each and every one of us makes the all time very best nachos in town at home, right)? Post a comment if you have a vote, and try to explain what distinguishes your winner from the rest. I'll start us off:

My pick is Andales Mexican Restaurant (1175 Davie. I usually go there, but I believe the dish at the Broadway location is just as good). The Andales Nachos with chicken is smothered in things like diced tomato, black olives, nice guacomole (in a very generous plop on top, next to sour cream), whole black beans, and some incredibly tender and moist pieces of chicken (they must braise the chicken slowly). Plus lots of cheese that is well-distributed throughout. The chicken is really good, and I think this is the big difference between the dish here, and virtually everywhere else. Dry, overcooked chicken should be considered a crime.

Recently, someone told me The Foundation on Main at 7th has the best, but I'll encourage her to post it as a comment so that we can hear why. I know someone else who might say the Wolf and Hound on Broadway, near Alma. Again, I'm encouraging everyone to post their own favourite, with some details to back it up.

Hey, imagine a progressive large group dinner where we go from restaurant to restaurant sampling nachos? Anyone up for a vertical tasting of nachos? It would have to be one HUGE group for us to be able to just have a couple of nibbles at each place, so that no one makes themselves sick. Okay, maybe this isn't the best idea. But I'm really interested in organizing some sort of progressive dinner in the future. Maybe on skytrain even.


filmgoerjuan said...

Andales is hands-down my favourite Mexican place in town. I haven't tried the nachos there, but I'm a big fan of their chimichangas. And their salsa and chips are the best too...I would go there just for those.

Mark said...

Andeles on W. Broadway is my fave mexican restaurant in town. Love the long standing "mexican accent" head waiter who's always there. Cool guy.

But best nachos? I've found nothing, absolutely nothing in vancouver to compare to Nachos Grande Carne from Mexicali Rosa's in Ottawa.

The do something to the beef on the big plate of nachos (and there's tons of beef) that makes it have a spicy texture you expect from ground beef, BUT... it's very moist and almost melt in your mouth, kind of like the way some of the best cuts of NY Striploin are.

I've tried nachos at like, 3 dozen places in Vancouver "known for nachos" over the years, and no one holds a candle to Mexicali Rosa's.

Dumpling_Girl said...

Just went to the Andales on Broadway, and the nachos were not as good as Davie St., and I found out that they had sold the Davie St. location years ago. The plate of nachos was smaller, missing jalapenos, finely diced tomato, and olives, and was overly black-peppered. Chips even seemed not as tasty. The orangy-coloured sauce was similar though, and their menus are still identical. It was the very end of the evening though for them, so perhaps it was just a bad batch. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Stay away from the Broadway location of Andales. I ordered the Beef Enchiladas and they were the worst I've ever had. The salad that came with it was warm and had a mayo flavoured dressing. Margaritas were $7.99 a glass but weren't very strong. The tables were sticky. Really disgusting place. Avoid!