Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Foundation, Main at 7th Ave.

I stopped by The Foundation on a Thursday night - my first time there. It's a vegetarian joint, which is not normally my thing, and it was filled with South Main hipsters, all looking fairly retro while sitting in the 50's style chrome and vinyl dining sets. Again, not normally my scene lately. But I was surprisingly quite satisfied by the food there. We had the smaller sized "Utopian Natchos" [sic] and their dish of black bean, mango, and rice, sprinkled with coconut. The nachos were HUGE, and pretty good. I'd be scared to order the large size. They were covered in cheddar, black beans, and corn kernals, and came with a small bowl of sour cream, and another of a nice salsa. We added on guacamole. The chips were a little thicker and heartier than I like, and we got a lot of small broken bits. I prefer thin and crisp chips. That black bean and mango dish was awesome! I was really surprised how such a simple combination could be so very satisfying. It was served with a bit of sweet red salsa. They have very tasty iced tea too. On another night, with additional dining companions, I might order a pitcher of sangria. Given that we only had a few items, and yet TWO of those items exceeded my expectations (mango,beans and rice, and iced tea), and also because the server was efficient and friendly (in a full room), I'm going to recommend this place. If I was vegetarian, I could see myself enjoying this place regularly. Since I'm a shameless "meat-atarian," I could see myself dropping by again if I was in the area, and in the mood for that noisy, funky, busy vibe, and a plateful of something relatively healthy feeling. More incentive for a vegetarian meal? Here's Pamela Anderson speaking seriously about chicken processing.


SaabKen said...

Mmmm ... The Foundation. We first started going there couple of years ago not long after they opened and have enjoyed eating there ever since. Our fave is the Tight Spin salad (spinach, almonds, pears, feta, etc) and it's a meal for $9. The "Natchos" are good too but like you said I find the chips a bit too thick (think Vancouver's Tex-Mex food scene in '80s pre-Que Pasa) for my preference. The mixed platter (forget name) is great for sharing and sampling with friends. We haven't been there for almost a year now so maybe we're due for a visit (especially after our pig-out a few nights ago at Memphis Blues !)

Dumpling_Girl said...

Well, there we have a key reason why I just don't see myself becoming vegetarian: Memphis Blues Barbecue. I know that it takes a lot of energy to raise those pigs, and that they are more intelligent than dogs, but why, oh why do they have to be so darn tasty!? Especially for someone who lived in Georgia for a while, where pulled pork can be found everywhere. So, despite even spending a summer eating quite well being a semi-piscetarian, which is what I've heard it called when you cut out all meat from from your diet except fish and seafood), it's just not going to happen. Maybe if all my meals were like the vegetarian tasting menu from Lumiere circa 1999 (my first visit to Lumiere was just prior to its peak, and I dined with a true vegetarian) then maybe I would be satisfied.

SaabKen said...

I agree, Nancy. And to better assuage any guilt I have of being the occasional carnivore-with-a-vengence, I do make a point of dining out total vegetarian (but include dairy products) at least three times a month. More to do with my trying to better appreciate how agrarian practices and vegetarian habits are superior in feeding the +6 billion mouths on this Earth. After which I go back and savour every last drop of grease drippin' out of that pulled pork sandwich at MB !