Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Flambé For the Home! (For Those Who Want Their Home Flambéd)

This flambé footage kills me - I love it! I found it on Sauté Wednesday, and it's entitled "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" Cooking with friends is so much fun, especially when things are experimental! I fondly remember a first-time home flambé attempt with friends at Bac'n Girl's parents' home (when we were much, much younger). That's the mark of a great friend - one who would put her parents' house in jeopardy to get that Cherries Jubilee aflame for my birthday. We actually had the opposite problem where we weren't getting enough flame. But eventually we got fire (just like going camping). Anyone else remember the first time you flambéd? Maybe the people in the video should have read one of the cookbooks I have: The Pyromaniacs Cookbook, The Best in Flaming Food and Drink, by John J. Poister. The restaurant formerly known as Crepe Bretonne used to have flambéd dessert crepes. I wish there were more restaurants flaming their food at the table. I love drama.


Mark said...

Who the hell "flambe"s a steak? Geez. And what the heck were they using to create such an orange flame. Proper flambe uses, imo, high proof, yet flavourable alcohols.

And, shouldn't it only be done on a gas stove? ;)

Dumpling_Girl said...

Hey Mark,
Maybe you should do more flambe at your place, preferable at 3 in the morning like that whole convection oven/smoke alarm incident you had a while back. That way you can get any new neighbours out on the lawn in their PJs. :) My Pyromaniacs book has four steak recipes, including Steak Diane.