Thursday, August 11, 2005

Capones - Yaletown Attitude

While it's not generally in my nature to want to disparage a restaurant here (I've mentioned before I feel much better about touting the good ones), I've been feeling lately that readers might appreciate a bit of warning about places to avoid. I went to Capones during the jazz festival this summer so that I could listen to some jazz. The food was certainly edible. Dessert, in fact, was fabulous - a velvety smooth creme brulee. The rest of the meal, to me, felt overpriced, and we definitely got some attitude from the host who showed me to the table, and some from the waitress (and yes, we were drinking alcohol this time), which basically ruins the experience whether there is tasty food or not. We had one of their little pizzas. "The Alcatraz" ($19) has pesto sauce, scallops, prosciutto, spinach, mushrooms, topped with mozzarella & asiago cheese. Scallops on a pizza are really good, I discovered. Tasty toppings on a thin crust, but unfortunately with lots and lots of oil dripping everywhere, to the point of soggifying some of what should have been a crispy crust. We ordered a lamb chop appetizer (two chops, $14), served with a black olive tapenade. The lamb was fine - I mean really, how can one not like a juicy lamb chop. But I'm not sure that the tapenade added that much to it. At least it didn't detract from it. Maybe the prices aren't that unfair, (and I'm not one to spend a lot of time in Yaletown) but I came out this place, having had only a very light meal of just a little pizza, a little lamb chop, drinks and dessert, and downright snobby service, with a $100 bill (including tax, tip, and cover charges which incidentally, was not advertised in any way, and unexpected considering we had both food and drinks, and it was just a one-man show), definitely wishing I could have spent it elsewhere (like across the street at Amarcord, for example). I know this is a somewhat unfair comparison, but just for fun, imagine what kind of meal (for two people) you could get at Guu with Garlic for a hundred bucks! Don't worry about me though. I had a great time, as usual, because of the company I was with, and the experience of trying something new. But consider yourself warned!

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