Thursday, August 11, 2005

Miko Sushi on Robson

Just had a special chirashi sushi ($19), and an agedashi tofu ($4.50) there, and while the agedashi was very nicely done, the chirashi was okay, but not spectacular, at least to my taste. It included those big orange fish eggs, which were quite lovely, but not bits of seaweed in the rice which can be a nice touch. I ate the amaebi, so it must have been very fresh, because I don't usually like that one. Very pretty, and it was good (and I suspect that they cut the pieces of fish small, specifically for my small female mouth, as I was sitting at the bar, and they could see me. So maybe the chirashi would come out different for a man). But I was somehow expecting greatness. So, if you're a big fan of Miko, let me know. Maybe I'm not getting it? Or maybe it can be better? I often use chirashi as my sushi restaurant indicator dish. It's great, because it allows the chef to show off his/her best stuff, and since it's so open-ended, it provides a nice canvas to display skill, creativity, and style. (Ha gow tends to be a common dim sum indicator dish for people, where the quality of the restaurant can be judged by how good their shrimp-filled dumplings are). Maybe I should choose other items on Miko's menu? Service was a bit on the slow side too, and my agedashi came out a few minutes AFTER my chirashi was served, so I had to leave eating that to eat the deep fried dish before it got cold. Anyhow, pipe up if you think I should give them another shot.

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