Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Name That Vancouver Restaurant #8 - A New Favourite Restaurant

When I started this blog, I decided to list my current favourite restaurant in my profile section, and let myself change it whenever the whim struck me, and I was particularly pleased with a restaurant. I feel a whim coming on. So let's pull out everyone's favourite Nancyland Game (yes, it's the only Nancyland Game), Name That Vancouver Restaurant! This little "new (relatively) neighbourhood" restaurant serves food from the Iberian Peninsula. It's owned by someone known for his romantic French restaurant, but hales from Portugal himself. Let's see how long it takes for someone to "Name That Vancouver Restaurant!"

I'll also document my past blog favourites here, and when they randomly held the esteemed spot. They tend to be places I have a desire to go back to over and over again. The exception was Rare, as I never got the chance to go back to it (and changes have taken place since then, so I can only really talk about that one great time).

January 2005 - October 2005: Guu with Garlic (15 + visits)

October 2005 - November 2006: Yuji's Japanese Tapas (10 + visits)

November 2006 - January 2008: Rare (only based on one visit. Still a regular at Yuji's)

January 2008 - ?: *Today's Mystery Restaurant* (2 visits so far)


LotusRapper said...

SENOVA in Kerrisdale :-D

I only know cuz I went there last Fall. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

CoffeeGeek Bloggin' said...

Well it's gotta be Senova - owned by Manuel Ferreira who also owns La Gavroche.

But it's been poorly reviewed on Dinehere.ca (Senova). I haven't been yet myself, but maybe I should try regardless of the reviews.

And... your new fave is not Fuel! For shame! :)

Dumpling-girl said...

Thanks, Saabken, for your winning response at 15 hours 34 minutes. I think this is your first Name That Vancouver Restaurant win. Good job! Thanks, coffeegeek too. Yes, I noticed those bad reviews on Dinehere, and had to wonder if those two people were on crack (at least one of them sounded like his wife liked the place at least). It's pretty typical for me to take reviews on that site with a grain of salt. The trick is (and I encourage this with reading my own reviews too), is to read the details of the review carefully and decide for yourself if you think those details are important. As for service, I can tell you that in the two times that I've been there, I've received some of the best service I've ever had, delivered with a genuine, human warmth.

Fuel was really polished and it was a spectacular meal (that I definitely intend to post), but like I say in this post, my "favourite" restaurant is reserved for a place that makes me want to go back over and over again. Senova's refined homey-ness just resonates with me for whatever reason. Probably part of that is that it feels so much more "ethnic" than other fine dining establishments. In other words, I like the interest and excitement of its (sometimes) spicy, regional food. Check out their menu on www.senovarestaurant.com to see if it interests you. For me, I'd like to eat everything on the menu, and I'm hoping to make it there on Paella day and roasted suckling pig day sometime too. Salted cod fritters and caldo verde were great.

LotusRapper said...

Woohoo, thanks Nancy :-D

Speaking of bistros in Kerrisdale, I had a pretty good experience at Suvai (W. 41st just west of Yew). Romantic and cozy.

Dumpling-girl said...

Ooo, exciting. A restaurant I haven't heard of. Thanks, saabken! I'll try to check out Suvai.