Sunday, January 27, 2008

Southern Barbecue Roundup

Having spent a few years in the American Deep South, I have a deep affection for that regional style of barbecue, where the meat is slow cooked for hours from indirect heat. Actually, it probably didn't take years for the fondness to develop. It was more of a love at first bite thing. A group dinner at Migz (2884 West Broadway, just west of MacDonald St., 604-733-3002) prompted me to try this place, and I was certainly excited at the prospect of another place in Vancouver to get my beloved barbecue. Memphis Blues brought barbecue to Vancouver. I tried Dix barbecue in Yaletown once, was terribly disappointed with food, service and atmosphere, and continued to return to Memphis (both the Commercial and Broadway locations). Well, it's back to Memphis again for me. The dinner at Migz was organized to catch their Dine Out Vancouver menu. I'm not a big DOV fan, but I will give them credit and say they did a nice job of making their Dine Out menu a good bargain. Migz was in full sports bar mode that night, with a blaring hockey game that made it difficult to hear each other, and resulted in a hoarse voice for me at the end of the evening (though the waitress was kind of enough to turn down the sound in our corner for us when someone asked). There was heavy rock mixed in with the game at some points. I will give them credit though - we all felt like we got a good deal for our $15 (for Dine Out) including a small salad -mine was actually dressed really nicely with a sweet, fruity vinagrette, a plate of two side dishes and either pulled pork or a handful of ribs, and a small piece of pie. The pie was great. I chose the pecan pie, and it was served with a little whipped cream. (I don't think I've ever met a pecan pie I didn't like though). The ribs were fine (but not something to write home about) and the pulled pork was watery and not very flavourful. There wasn't any extra sauce on the tables (a standard down south), and they were kind of skimpy with it on our plates. I would not have pulled pork there again. The room was packed with the young, loud, beer-drinking sports bar crowd, which I might actually tolerate if the food were worth going back for. Not this time. For those looking for cheap drinks, their highball special of $3.95 was a good deal that night. Service was great. I'm sure the restaurant will do just fine. But it's hard to compete with a place like Memphis Blues and their beautiful Elvis platter. I won't be back to Migz.


LotusRapper said...

Yeah Memphis Blues is still the reigning BBQ establishment.

BTW, the new Dadeo on Cambie (where Tomato Fresh Cafe used to be) purports to serve Southern food. I only say purport because I've been there 4 times now and each and every time I was being optimistic of improvements but walked away disappointed (again and again). Service is slow and inattentive. Offerings are average quality IMO ... "nuthin' to write home to Mama about".

Dumpling-girl said...

Thanks for the legwork on this one, saabken! Looks like I don't even have to bother with it. But if you continue to keep going there (I don't know why you would), and it gets better, let me know! Hehe, as I am typing this, I am digesting a goodly-sized chunk of a Memphis Platter. *Sigh*...sometimes writing about food can be treacherous business. All these temptations around...hmmm, so that's why I had the urge to veer off from my route home and pick up da platter!

Unknown said...

Try Boonie's BBQ in Cloverdale (inside the Cloverdale Curling rink)