Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Grind, a 24 hour coffeehouse on Main Street (at 24th?)

I was trying to decide whether my warm, fuzzy nostalgic feelings for my student days, or my momentary "gawd, I feel old" feeling was stronger when I was at this coffeeshop. I went there last night, a Monday night, at around 11:30 pm. The place was filled with university students looking all bookish and tired and intellectual. I loved studying in coffeeshops when I was going to school...I think. Perhaps it's all candied up in my memories now that I'm so far away from it. Anyway, the Grind is a nice place. Quiet, relaxing, and the staff were very nice, and obviously good to the students. Anyway, gotta love the 24 hour thing. There aren't many businesses that have been able to do that, so I always like supporting the ones that are open 24 hours, or even open really late. Oh, and don't worry, I don't really feel old - I love being 32.


Anonymous said...

I love 24 hour coffee houses ... but woe is me, it seems every 24 hour coffee house I've found in Vancouver has really crappy coffee. I used to be a mainstay at Benny's in Kits at 2am, smoking ciggies as I worked on my masters' at a frenzied and often whacked out pace.... and nearly gagged on their coffee every time (now they're no longer 24 hours so I'm told).... I used to be a mainstay at Calhoon's on W. Broadway, heading there at 1am to sit outside in the cold, with my computer, when inspiration hit me and I didn't want to disturb the significant other; and I would gag on their extremely bad coffee (now you can no longer sit outside after midnight there)...

I haven't been to the Grind for a while, but it was kinda bad too - the coffee that is. But 24 hours! woogha.

Mark Prince (CoffeeGeek.com)

Dumpling_Girl said...

Thanks so much for the comment! If anyone from Mr. Bojangles at Coal Harbour ever reads this, please, please, please, please, open later. That is my absolute favourite coffeehouse, for the atmosphere, comfy chairs, and the location. (and, of course, for the fact that it isn't a Starbucks). Not so much for the coffee, as my coffee palate is not that discriminating. And it closes around 7 pm in the winter!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd like to see the new Artigiano on West 41rst in Kerrisdale (where Torrefazione Italia used to be) stay open late - till at least 1am or so... but at least they stay open till 9pm... 3 hours later than the the downtown locations.


Dumpling_Girl said...

Thanks, Mark! I was just saying the other day that I wish Cafe Artigianno was open later so I could try it sometime, so it's nice to know that they're open 'til nine. Also wish Sen5es and the new Lupo Cafe (formerly Cichetti, on Georgia at Burrard) were open later, so that they could be night time coffee spots. There is a dire lack of nice places to go for a late night dessert downtown, so it's disappointing to see that Lupo is closed earlier than Cichetti was, and from the outside, it looks like they've gotten rid of their dessert display case. Don't talk to me about True Confections - their cakes are too big! Bleah.

SaabKen said...

The new Think! Coffee House and Bistro on West 10th at Sasamat (beside Candia Greek Restaurant) is open til almost midnight six days a week. Given their mostly UBC clientele they should extend to 24hrs.

To my best knowledge these coffeehouses are currently open 24hrs:

Benny's Bagel on West Broadway
Bread Garden on S. Granville
Bread Garden on Denman
Naam on West 4th

But a non-24hr cafe worth mentioning is Cafe Montmartre on Main @ 28th is open to 1am most nights, to 1:30 on Fri/Sat but don't expect a quiet retreat, it's a funky Parisian atmosphere.