Monday, February 28, 2005

Urban Bites by The Ridge

I had a tasty marlin special ($13) served with a tangy cherry tomato and basil salsa, and on top of a nice rice dish at this great little counter service place a couple of doors down from the Ridge. I also had a very pleasing four-layer mocha pecan torte for dessert that was made in-house! A great find. I love it when people show me places that I don't already know about. It wasn't exactly hidden (I see movies at the Ridge fairly often) but I never would have expected this quality of food from glancing at the place in passing - it looks more like a soup and sandwiches and coffee place. Urban Bites is geared towards take-out and delivery, but is a very nice place to grab a bite before a movie.


SaabKen said...

Cool new local foodie blog, Nancy ! Look forward to more.

Dumpling_Girl said...

Thanks so much, Ken!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I went there before a movie at the Ridge. What a nice new place - the deli that used to be in that location was horrible. I went there once and there were little fruit flies circulating through the meat display.