Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lunch at Lupo

Veggie Panino with Cream of Mushroom Soup

Here's another blurry photo of food. I had quite a nice lunch special ($8.95) at the Lupo Cafe at the corner of Georgia at Burrard, which replaced Cichetti. Everything here is very attractive - the room, the food (notice the cute sauce garnish on my mushroom soup, and the little paper doilies), the flower arrangements, the big coffee cups, the people at my table (sorry, we probably won't be there when you go, but check out those nice coffee cups). I just found out too that it's run by the Villa del Lupo people. Nice service, too - they misunderstood which dessert I ordered, and very graciously replaced it (after having gone to the trouble of heating it up and all). And yes, that soup was not only stylish, it was tasty too.

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urban[e]nomad said...

As I found out this morning, Lupo does their mochas with unsweetened chocolate! They actually warn you about this and advise that you may want to sugar things up and provide the appropriately classy demerara sugar if you need it.

I had mine "straight up", and found that the unsweetened chocolate led to a decidedly nonsweet but dark and complex drink that I quite enjoyed (and also did a nice job of blowing away the last bit of sleepiness). If you're a fan of Lindt Cocoa Nibs or Scharffen Berger dark, definitely give it a try! (On that note, along the same lines I'm going to have to pick myself up a wedge of Ibarra and start making my morning mochas with it!)