Saturday, March 26, 2005

El Caravan Lunch Buffet - Downtown Comfort Food

El Caravan Posted by Hello

El Caravan (809 Seymour, at Robson) is an amazing downtown lunch find, thanks to my close friend and longtime fellow foodie, Bacon-Eating Baker Girl (otherwise known as Bac'n Girl, for short). Remember this place if you're walking around downtown between 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, especially if it's raining and you're looking for warmth and sustenance. For $8.95, we had unlimited access to their tasty array of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. The highlight for me, oddly enough, was their yummy pita chips, which I dipped in their red "secret recipe spicy dip", and hummus. But there were all sorts of goodies like vegetarian moussaka, oven-roasted chicken, a lamb stew with lots of peas, a tasty lentil soup (I didn't even think I liked lentil soup, but apparently I do), couscous, Lebanese-style plain rice, various salads (Greek, potato, bean), oranges, and pickles. This all made for a very satisfying lunch in a quiet, pleasant room. The a la carte menu is available as well, but the lunch buffet is really worthwhile. I like their sign above the bar that says that everything they make is made with love. In my book, this is definitely comfort food.

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demner said...

This restaurant appears to be closed. Anyone know the story?