Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Citizens of Nancyland, Unite!

The two comments on my Chinese buffet post about wanting to check out Urban Buffet soon got me thinking that maybe I should organize a meet in the near future, to cultivate the Nancyland community (while the site is still circulating around mainly friends and friends of friends...y'know, before the whole world domination thing...or at least before creepy people find my site). That then got me thinking, what should we call ourselves? Nancylandites? Nancylandians? I looked up Icelandic people, and they are Icelanders. So to follow suit, the correct term might be Nancylanders. My main influence for the site name was Disneyland (Nancyland is the happiest place on virtual earth), but no one actually lives there, except for all the characters, of course. Walt was rumoured to have an apartment in the castle, or somewhere else on site, but I don't think even he ever lived there. So that doesn't help. If you have any ideas about that (I'm personally leaning towards Nancylanders), or if you think a meet at Urban Buffet is something you'd go to, comment away! Caveat: I don't actually think THAT highly of the food at Urban Buffet (so don't go in expecting greatness, people). But it is a really convenient meeting place for a large group due to the serve-yourself nature of the food (so we wouldn't even need to wait for everyone before eating), the large open space with plenty of tables that can easily be pushed together at the last moment (they always seem to have lots of tables available), the downtown location, and the fact that everyone just pays for themselves at the cash register before they leave. If we had a meet, it would be by informal RSVP (you email me with a "I might be there" or "I will probably be there") and I would wear something distinctive so that everyone can find me, and maybe we'd have some sort of secret dress code item so that we could recognize each other (something everyone can find easily, like a string tied around our wrists?). Hmmmm, it's starting to sound like a cult, isn't it?... Maybe this whole web"master" thing is going to my head...(mwha ha hahahahahaha). Should I design a flag for Nancyland too? What do you think should be on it?


Blogger SaabKen said...

Bloggers actually meet F2F ?!?

I tried starting a dim sum club called The Lotus Rap (monthly meets at different venues) last year but it kinda fizzled out. Perhaps there's synergy here .....

10:35 AM, March 02, 2005  
Blogger Dumpling_Girl said...

I think that dim sum club is a great idea, because it's one of those things that is extra fun when there's a large group - more bites of different things to make up your meal. I'm game. Cute name too! I don't know about other bloggers meeting I said, I just discovered the whole blogging thing. I'm probably making all sorts of blogging faux-pas all the time ;) Then again, perhaps there are good reasons that people don't do the meets more often. Guess we'll find out!

4:03 PM, March 02, 2005  
Blogger SaabKen said...

Email me offline DumplingGirl we'll talk more about dim sum.

10:17 PM, March 02, 2005  
Blogger Macro said...

Hi. I just found this blog and you guys are all great.
I love what you are doing here. Seems that this Urban Buffet idea fizzled, but I think that getting together with other Vancouver Foodies for dim sum or a buffet is a great idea. Try again!

9:05 AM, September 24, 2005  
Blogger Dumpling_Girl said...

Thanks for your comment, Macro! Maybe I will try again!

10:20 AM, September 24, 2005  

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