Saturday, March 05, 2005

Kikkoman Soy Sauce Rocks!

Or at least their advertising does! A friend send me this fantastic ad. By the way, if people who love all things about the U.K. are anglophiles, is there an equivalent term for people like me who love Japanese culture?

Come to think of it, this idea of having food products for the head of superheroes has always appealed to me. My favourite super hero of all time is Ampan Man, whose head is a sweet bean paste-stuffed pastry. I saw one episode in Japan where there was a little boy standing outside crying. Ampan Man swooped down (he flies), and asked what was wrong. The boy was hungry! Ampan Man bent down, and offered his head. The boy bit into it. And Ampan Man can regenerate his pastry head! His evil villain is a mold or bacillus (which should strike fear in any bread product), and he has other baked-good-head friends.

Perhaps this is an influence for Too Much Coffee Man and one of his sidekicks, White Chocolate Almond Bark Woman, who has to deal with her crime-fighting companions begging to eat a bit of her when they are looking for a snack. I'm sure that Ampan Man is an influence on my Ha Gow character. He will probably have more dim sum friends too, but I'm still working on making the braised chicken foot character cute...

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