Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Cool Toasters

Sweetheart Toaster Posted by Hello

Naturally, foodies tend to like cool kitchen equipment, so here's a look at some fun toasters.

Here's a slide through toaster for people like me who are always tempted to jam a metal butter knife into the toaster to fish out stuck toast.

A variety of fancy toasters. My pick is the Mickey Mouse musical toasters which play the Mickey Mouse Club March when your toast pops up.

I really want an Amityville Toaster! See if you want one too. But if you get one, listen to Foamy, the squirrel, and don't try waffles...

Or maybe this is even creepier - burn an image of Hello Kitty onto your toast.

Maybe the first toasters ever were the coolest of them all. Check out this toaster museum site for the history of the toaster.

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