Thursday, February 17, 2005

Salad Bar Triumph

Okay, I'm trying to eat a little healthier these days. I'd actually like to lose the weight I gained back over Christmas (which can pretty much be traced to the sudden spike in cookie and baked good access that occurs around that time of year. I even baked my gifts this year...). So today, stopping off at the newer food fair in Metrotown Mall on my way home from work, I notice a new salad bar stand. I love salad bars, actually. It was one of those salad by weight places, where I usually wind up getting too excited, and spend a small fortune on a salad (compared to what a fast food meal would cost). In order to get to this salad bar, I first had to pass KFC. I thought to myself "Ohhhh, I love fried chicken." Phew, made it. Next along my path, I see a Greek stand ("calamari!!"). I passed A&W, thinking, "mmm, bacon. I haven't had a teen burger in ages." I then momentarily considered how much more filling a Quizmos sub would be compared to a salad. Even the taco place started to look good. Then, I faced the biggest test - a New York Fries was right next to the salad bar. "Oh...poutine would be so nice!" My internal dialogue started chanting "Poutine! Poutine! Poutine!" Anyways, look here's a blurry photo to show you that I indeed passed the last gate, and got my salad.

Salad Bar Salad Posted by Hello

I ate it, and there go the voices inside my head again "Poutine! Poutine! Poutine!" I just ran out of there!


kolibri said...

For salad like that, I think Capers - the organic food store - on Robson is the best. Amazing quality of vegetables and side thingies, and good sauces too if you want to make it slightly unhealthier :) And for dessert on the opposite side of the street is Robson Market, and Hyrise where you can get yourself a fruit salad on the same principle - good value for money both.

Dumpling_Girl said...

Thanks! I think I'll try Capers soon. If you ever find yourself looking for food around Main Street Skytrain Station, the Apple Deli, under the station, has quite a nice little salad bar. I've also tried that Salad Loop on Granville St. downtown, near Winners/Future Shop, and have quite enjoyed it. Oh, and yah, I feel healthy doing it, because I'm getting a nice variety of veggies, so that must mean a variety of vitamins, and minerals, plus I'm getting fibre...but I'm just deluding myself in terms of calories. Why is it that when something is cold, we think of it as healthy? I pick things like pasta salad, potato salad, boiled egg, and if I just heated it all up, I'd get pasta, potatoes au gratin, and eggs, and feel like it was a heavy meal. Oh well. At least it's not poutine!