Sunday, April 17, 2005

Gigi's Pizza and Spaghetti House, Downtown

Gigi's (1047 Davie St.) is one of the few places that I absolutely love while at the same time admitting that the food is really not that great. Mind you, I love their lasagne with meat balls. You can't go wrong with that. And I haven't really had anything there that has been really unpleasant. But the chicken wings were a little odd once (they are not deep fried or grilled, so they weren't crisp and I found them a bit greasy), and their ribs didn't really melt in my mouth like I wanted them to. But let me reiterate - I just love this little restaurant! It's comfy, the service is always fantastic (I've never seen the place full though, but they are always super friendly), and they play the best music - jazz. The pizza is very nice. It's all very relaxing. I wonder sometimes how big a part the music plays in my positive impressions of this place. I've never been there during any live jazz, though there's a baby grand in the corner, and a waiter mentioned they have it in the summertime. It's a great quiet space to go have a good long rant about your day with someone, and have a drink and a filling meal of lasagne or spaghetti (good meat sauce). I've done this, but I also noticed other customers there doing exactly the same thing. A lot of the time, the restaurant experience is all about that; in other words, being taken care of. Yup, that's it in a nutshell.


Anonymous said...

Hey, fondue the other night was great! I attribute my stellar Sun Run performance to cheese, and lots of it. (What's your email address, anyway?)


Jack P said...

Recently returned from a trip to Vancouver and we ate at Gigi's twice. Recommend the marinated mushrooms, fried scallops and Caesar salad. Also like that open till 1 a.m. Agree cool music adds a lot to the dining experince there. Same waiter on both nights and he was very attentive.

Dumpling_Girl said...

Oh! I never meant it as a recommendation for out-of-towners, and certainly not for two meals out of a trip, but if you went back, I guess you enjoyed it, and that's the important thing. My post was more about it being a place I retreat to when I'm tired, hungry, and a bit grumpy (needing to rant) and find myself in the area needing comfort food. Hope you had a nice trip to Vancouver! Thanks so much for commenting, jack p.