Friday, April 01, 2005

La Petite France

Pastries at La Petite France Posted by Hello

Do you have an afternoon to pamper yourself and a loved one? Go to La Petite France on Arbutus (at 10th Ave), order a coffee and choose an exquisite pastry from their showcase for each of you. Sit down and admire yours, admire them all, savour them slowly. Bac'n Girl once gave me a birthday cake from this place, and I still think of it as the best cake I have ever had (not counting the homemade ones, for anyone who may be reading this who has made me a cake. Of course those are special on an entirely different plane). It was one of their "Delice" which is chocolate cake, covered in chocolate, and has a layer of crispy praline. It was incredible, and you can experience this too! I had a miniature one this week in the bakery ($5.00), and there is a spectacular array of desserts to choose from, each one a work of art. Bac'n Girl had the fraise pistache, an intensely flavoured creamy cloud of pistachio on top of a strawberry one, all wrapped in a beautiful, colour-splattered white chocolate blankie (yummy abstract expressionism). Thanks to Van Eats ( for reminding me of this wonderful patisserie.

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